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Berkshire Adventures Guild Opens in North Adams
By Sabrina Damms, iBerkshires Staff
06:36AM / Saturday, September 03, 2022
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Christopher Schroeder has opened gaming store Berkshire Adventures Guild on Eagle Street in North Adams.

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The community welcomed a new hobby game store, Berkshire Adventures Guild, to Eagle Street on Friday morning.
The hobby that was once limited to tabletops has grown in popularity over the years due to the increased accessibility digital platforms like YouTube and Twitch have provided.
"I think it's exposure. I think in general, there's been a nerd culture is chic, and has been for 15 to 20 years now. So that's a big part of it is that gaming is part of your culture and your culture is acceptable,"  owner Christopher Schroeder said.
"A lot of that is driven by online and not just YouTube. But people being able to communicate in general and then ... computers and who controls the computers are nerds. And you get this whole thing."
Some mainstream businesses that once refused to carry these games are leaping onto the trend and now have designated sections for them, Schroeder said..
Unlike larger businesses that simply stock them, Schroeder said he is well informed in the craft of hobby games and is passionate about them.
He worked for a game store in southern New Hampshire in the late 1990s and since then has wanted to own one of his own. 
Berkshire Adventures Guild provides like-minded or curious individuals to do what they love or learn a new hobby. 
"People seem to think that there's not a lot to do in North Adams. So they're glad that there's something else to do," Schroeder said
The opening of the store also gives gamers the chance to resume an interest that they may have stopped participating in over the years. 
People have nostalgia surrounding the games they played in their younger years and now have the income to support it and can play with individuals all around the world, he said. 
"Technology has certainly changed the world of gaming and gaming culture,"  said Benjamin Lamb, projects manager for 1Berkshires.
Lamb has not played D&D since college but said he may pick it up again now that there is a space for it. 
The store allows curious individuals interested in learning how to play these games a chance to do so before purchasing.  
People who are already in the hobby seem to be happy that they now have a place to play and gather, Schroeder said. 
"The D&D game we have on Thursdays is specifically tailored for people who want to learn D&D. It's easy for people who've never played before to drop in and it's easy for people who don't know what they're doing, the game master is a good teacher for it," Schroeder said. 
People can come and enjoy a fanciful adventure, leaving this mortal realm to play games like "Dungeons & Dragons," "Pathfinder," "Magic: The Gathering," "Warhammer 40,000," and many more. 
The store caters to eclectic interests providing a space for people to paint, build, and assemble miniatures to create their worlds.  
"I think his idea of getting people to build community and bring people together is a great idea. And you're also learning a craft by building the games. So I think it's very innovative. And I think people like that. And I think having people come together and share their skill set for things like this is exciting," said Mayor Jennifer Macksey, who helped cut the ribbon for the official opening on Friday.. 
Macksey also said she would be interested in trying to craft one of the miniatures. She purchased Sirius Dice, the proceeds of which will go toward cancer research. Only the dice with the pink cap are eligible for the fundraiser. 
The store is currently charging a $5 table fee or a participant can purchase something in the store for $5. There will be snacks and food available for purchase while participating in the activities.
Those who purchase a game in the store will receive a 20 percent discount on special orders to encourage buying local over online.
During the week, the guild will be hosting events. Tuesday nights are game workshops, Wednesdays is Hobby Make/Build/Do Day, and Thursdays is tabletop roleplaying game night. 
The store has been open for about a month and already has regular patrons. It It is open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. and closed Sunday and Monday. 
Schroeder hopes to expand in the year and find a larger space so that he can house more activities. 
Information on future events can be found on the website
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