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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 15, 2022North Adams, MA8 Fuller St$113,000Clack, Kelly S
Cook, Matthew S
Brindel, Christian
Jones, Juliette
More Info
June 14, 2022North Adams, MA74-80 W Main St$160,000Faijue, Josephine West Main Holdings LLC More Info
June 09, 2022North Adams, MA134 Harris St$200,000Breda, Lynne Breda FT
Breda-Bolte, Barbara
More Info
June 07, 2022North Adams, MA110 Marion Ave$273,000Lau, Alan Allard, Kollin F
Allard, Danielle N
More Info
June 03, 2022North Adams, MA441 E Main St$194,000Remillard, Cody E
Podlog, Lillian S
Dalby, Robert
Dalby, Hailey B
More Info
June 02, 2022North Adams, MA312 Eagle St$132,000Malachuk, Joseph E
Malachuk, Debora
Evelyn H Gallese NT
Gallese, Alfred F
More Info
June 01, 2022North Adams, MA44 Catherine St$200,000Juby, Heather L DSM Properties LLC More Info
May 31, 2022North Adams, MA48 Cady St$110,000Miller-Fierke, Regina G
Fierke, John W
Cady Street LLC More Info
May 31, 2022North Adams, MA39 Hudson St$166,000Saunders, Nicholas F
Saunders, Kristopher G
Cariddi, Guy R More Info
May 31, 2022North Adams, MA116 Bonair Ave$280,000Trombley, Nicholas S Cook, Declan
Tremblay, Paul
More Info
May 26, 2022North Adams, MA304 E Main St$135,000Coyne, Rory T
Levato-Coyne, Lauren
Lubeck, Sandra A More Info
May 26, 2022North Adams, MA55 Hawthorne Ave$205,000Jowett, David Kirby Dorothy M Est
Kirby, Bryce M
More Info
May 25, 2022North Adams, MA366 Houghton St$175,000Kauffman, Kenneth H
Kauffman, Benjamin W
Worth, Nathan J
Worth, Amber L
More Info
May 25, 2022North Adams, MA80 N Holden St$144,000Pignone, Stephen R
Pignone, Maria
Boucher, Jaye More Info
May 12, 2022North Adams, MA28 Spring St$75,000Meyers, Jacob
Meyers, Patricia L
DTL Dreams To Legacy Invs More Info
May 10, 2022North Adams, MA988 Mohawk Trl$174,500Malloy, Patrick A Lescarbeau, Jonathan A More Info
May 06, 2022North Adams, MA42 Montgomery St$212,000Davis, Elizabeth
Wiggers, Grace E
Steele, Graham More Info
May 05, 2022North Adams, MA35 Jackson St$131,100Evolution NT
Vadnais, V Peter
Hancock, Carolyn L More Info
May 05, 2022North Adams, MAW Shaft Rd Ter$70,000Wilk, Justyn J
Wilk, Lynsey M
Pine Cobble Assoc Inc More Info
April 29, 2022North Adams, MA55 Natural Bridge Rd$175,000Cellana, Dante Gregory, Christina More Info
April 29, 2022North Adams, MA136 North St$135,000Danforth, Kyle J
Moulton, Emily C
Engel, Matthew J More Info
April 29, 2022North Adams, MA156-158 Prospect St$245,000Thornhill-Skeete, Jessica Bradley&Bryant LLC More Info
April 27, 2022North Adams, MA46-48 Phelps Ave$215,000Racette, Collin
Green, London
Collins, Kurt More Info
April 14, 2022North Adams, MA64 Richmond Ave$150,000Shoestock, Tyler J Donega Helen M Est
Kawa, Stephanie C
More Info
April 12, 2022North Adams, MA520 Church St$87,500Zimmermann, Julie A Christopher, Caoilfhionn More Info
April 11, 2022North Adams, MA65 Brooklyn St$150,000Rabquer, Asher I
Rabquer, Emily L
Jones, Lawrence E
Jones, Mary L
More Info
April 11, 2022North Adams, MA201 Mohawk Forest Blvd$10,782,000Caleb Mohawk LP North Adams Hsng Assoc LP More Info
April 08, 2022North Adams, MA812 Mohawk Trl$192,500Fairbanks, Malarie R
Culver, James A
Salvatore, Joanne More Info
April 01, 2022North Adams, MA287 Ashland St$190,000Crews, Mickailynne
Hebel, Austin
Mancuso FT
Maloney, John C
More Info
March 28, 2022North Adams, MA59 Arnold Pl$86,000Day, Samuel
Bunt, Sandra
Lewis, Francis K
Lewis, Susan D
More Info
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