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Drury High School Awards & Scholarships 2018
05:27PM / Saturday, June 09, 2018
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North Adams, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships for the Drury High School Class of 2018 were presented at the annual class night on Wednesday, June 6. 
Special presentation of a Certificate of Attainment to Rita Victoria Trifone by Principal Timothy Callahan
Valedictorian Medal: Cady Denning
Salutatorian Medal: Allison Zoito 
Bernadino Ocampo Memorial Scholarship: Brianna Therrien
Jocelyn E. LeClair Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier Emily Stewart
Tori Rumbolt Athletic Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Richard "Buckwheat" LeFave Scholarship: Dylan Toomey Cady Denning
Anna Yan Ji Scholarship: Amanda Moon
Shayley Estes Memorial Scholarship: Cady Denning Cassandra Crosier
Jane Howell Memorial Scholarship: Cady Denning
Leo Ethier Memorial Scholarship: Chad Lawrence
Crew of '02 MBL Scholarship: Emily Stewart
Crew of '02 CMD Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
North Adams Youth Basketball League Scholarship: Devon Gray, Chad Lawrence, Emily Stewart, Ryan Dubie
"Coach" Herb Johnson Scholarship: Ryan Dubie
Chang Chavkin Scholar: Cassandra Crosier
Chang Chavkin Scholar Finalists: Abigail VanSteemburg, Brianna Therrien
Achievement Awards
Visual arts: Ashley Clements
English: Cassandra Crosier
Foreign language: Justin Bieniek
Mathematics: Jordan LaBonte
Music: Allison Zoito
Physical education: Mitchell Anderson
Science: Amanda Moon
Vocational sciences: Taylor Boillat
History: Joshua Vallieres
Technology education: Nickolas Johnson
Media arts: Amanda Moon
Drury Stage Company: Jocelynn Neville
Band Awards
Paul Hartery Band Award: Amanda Moon
Betty von Mosch Memorial Scholarship: Allison Zoito
John Philip Sousa Award: Allison Zoito
Berkshire Symphony Award: Allison Zoito
Bandfront Award: Cady Denning
Marching Award: Amanda Moon
Dr. Richard Ziter Science/Pre-med Scholarship: Cady Denning
Danny Alcombright Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Moon
Spc. Michael R. Demarsico II Memorial Scholarship: Serena Eastwood, Ryan Dubie
Frank N. Costa Public Service Scholarship: Joshua Vallieres
Helen Hickey George Scholarship: Justin Hemenway
Father Nelson Ziter Scholarship: Amanda Moon
Ted Ziter Sports Scholarship: Ryan Dubie
David Morton Memorial Scholarship: Emily Stewart
Salem State Alumni Scholarship Fund: Devon Gray
"Bud" Saulnier Memorial Scholarship: Lillie Jutras
Clarksburg Parent Teacher Group: Cady Denning
Gordon B. Neville Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Mountainone Bank Scholarship: Nina Keleher
Richard C. Lussier Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Conor Clark
LaFayette/ Greylock Lodge of Masons: JJ Middleton
Dora A. Radlo Memorial Scholarship: Nickolas Johnson
Stephen Sears Memorial Scholarship: Joshua Vallieres
Stephen J. Drotter Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Dubie, Cassandra Crosier
Richard C. Milanesi Scholarship Fund: Amanda Moon, Cady Denning
American Legion School Awards: Matthew Lessard, Mackenzie McGuire
Paula Jean Raymond Book Award: Cassandra Crosier
Anita Lentine Memorial Scholarship: JJ Middleton
Diane Niles Scholarship: Serena Eastwood
Drury High School Class of 1955: Cady Denning
Clifton R. Tower Jr. Scholarship Award: Nickolas Johnson
Daniel E. Ralston Memorial Scholarship: Emily Stewart
Goldie Sabin Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Lessard
Philip and Exilda Bianco Scholarship: Conor Clark
Benvenuti-Crosina Scholarship: Allison Zoito
William A. Courchene Scholarship: Cady Denning
Pizzi Scholarship: Conor Clark
Wendy Lincoln Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Moon
Specialty Minerals Inc. Scholarship: Mitchell Anderson
Drury High School Class of 1941: Nickolas Johnson
Adams Community Bank Scholarship: JJ Middleton, Serena Eastwood, Jacob Brayman, Matthew Lessard, Dylan Toomey
V. James Rotolo Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Toomey
Dr. Arthur L Mazzu Memorial Scholarship: Emily Stewart, Cady Denning
State Street T Neighborhood Kids Scholarship: Ashley Clements
Drury Boys Soccer Booster Club Award: Chad Lawrence ($50); Conor Clark ($100); Jon Boland ($125); Jake Brayman ($100); Mitch Anderson ($125); Jordan Todd ($100); JJ Middleton ($25); Ryan Dubie ($25)
Drury Girls Basketball Booster Club: Cassandra Crosier, Mackenzie McGuire
Drury Boys Basketball Booster Club: JJ Middleton, Chad Lawrence, Devon Gray, Ryan Dubie, Conor Clark
Shirley Anne Jackson Memorial Scholarship: Cady Denning
John Paul Breen Memorial Scholarship from money raised by Florida Mountaineers Snowmobile Club: Cady Denning
Drury Girls Softball Booster Club: Cassandra Crosier, Mackenzie McGuire, Taylor Sprague
Richard J Stanton Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Track: Character and Conduct on and off the Field: Jordan LaBonte
William R. Robinson Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Dubie
Berkshire County Baseball Umpires Association, 2018 Raymond Pierson Sportsmanship Southern Division: Dylan Toomey
Berkshire County Baseball Umpires Association, 2018 MVP Southern Division: Ryan Dubie
Drury Boys Baseball Booster Club Award: Ryan Dubie, Dylan Toomey, Jacob Brayman, Jonathan Boland, Conor Clark, Chad Lawrence, JJ Middleton
Drury Football Booster Club Book Award: Ryan Isherwood, Jordan LaBonte, Aisha Gardner, Tieray Moore, Nick Arnold
Class of 1964 Scholarship Award: Cady Denning
Robert E. Armitage Memorial Scholarship: Allison Zoito
Joseph and Elizabeth Fachini Lentine Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Florida PTA Charlie Cooper Memorial Scholarship: Devon Gray
Florida PTA Barbara Downey Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Drury Class of 1968: Mackenzie Copeland
David C. Ashkar Memorial Scholarship: Cady Denning
Greylock Community Club Scholarship: Chad Lawrence, Amanda Moon
Margaret Whitney Dennis Scholarship: Cady Denning
Drury Faculty Association Scholarship: Cady Denning, Allison Zoito
Frank Zoltek Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Dubie
Sons of the American Legion Post 125: Devon Gray, Cassandra Crosier, Cady Denning
Bernard R. "Bucky" Bullett Memorial Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Matthew Zappone Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Clements
Helen F. Lesage & Leon L. Lesage Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Allison Zoito
Peter Foote Memorial Scholarship: JJ Middleton, Emily Stewart
Holy Rosary Society Scholarship from the Parish of St. Elizabeth of Hungary: Amanda Moon, Cady Denning, Ryan Dubie
Sean Busbee Williams Memorial Scholarship: Chad Lawrence, Kaitlyn Dobbert, Lillie Jutras, JJ Middleton, Mackenzie Copeland
Harry J. Bontempi Memorial Scholarship from Peter & Patricia Bontempi: Ashley Clements, Mitchell Anderson, JJ Middleton
Kitteredge Family Scholarship Sponsored by Naomi Chapter 17 Eastern Star: Cady Denning
Florence and Jerry Siciliano Memorial Scholarship presented by the Greylock PTG: Joshua Vallieres, Amanda Moon
North Adams Historical Society: Amanda Moon
American Legion Auxiliary Laura Carmel Scholarship: Matthew Lessard
Florida Education Association Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
Governor Phil Hoff Vermont Honor Scholarship: Jacob Brayman
American Legion Post 152 Richard A. Ruether Scholarship: Mackenzie Copeland
Adams Outdoorsmen for Youth: Kaitlyn Dobbert, Amanda Moon
Byron E. & Rose L. Crum Scholarship: Matthew Lessard
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarship: Cassandra Crosier
North Adams Police Union Scholarship: Brianna Therrien
Arnold Ross Witto Memorial Scholarship: JJ Middleton
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