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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
August 05, 2011North Adams, MA1 Bryant St$39,000Ferro, Peter J FNMA More Info
May 29, 2013North Adams, MA1 Bryant St$70,000Bessette, Betty A Ferro, Patric J More Info
September 08, 2014North Adams, MA1 Main St$235,000Massachusetts Museum Bird, Frank F
Bird, Terri A
More Info
August 30, 2011North Adams, MA10 East Ave$255,000Durocher, Derek T
Durocher, Susan M
Dunn, Richard A
Dunn, Deborah A
More Info
June 29, 2017North Adams, MA10 Hospital Ave$129,900Corbin, Charles
Cahill-Corbin, Betty
Partenope, Thomas F
Partenope, Marcia A
More Info
July 26, 2013North Adams, MA10 Veazie St$75,000Berkshire Hills Dev Co Zell, Lorraine A More Info
July 06, 2016North Adams, MA10-12 Frederick St$78,000Rogers, Kathryn J Kirby, Bryce
Plante, Cameron J
More Info
November 04, 2016North Adams, MA10-14 Meadow St$38,100Royal Property Group LLC Borer, Carol
Deutsche Bank Natl T Co
More Info
December 04, 2013North Adams, MA100 Hospital Ave$185,000Weber, Richard D
Weber, Emilie A
Leonesio FT
Leonesio, James V
More Info
August 28, 2014North Adams, MA100-104 River St$41,000100-104 River Street LLC Gilmore, Ronald More Info
October 09, 2015North Adams, MA1002 Mohawk Trl$150,000Brandon, Scott C Bachand, Edward R More Info
October 31, 2016North Adams, MA1009 State Rd$162,000Dilger, Bradley J
Bellner, Molly K
Atwell, David C
Salvagni-Atwell, Deanna L
More Info
January 18, 2017North Adams, MA101 Brooklyn St$87,000US Bank NA Tr Whitney, John R
US Bank NA Tr
More Info
June 28, 2017North Adams, MA101 Brooklyn St$23,500Guzik, John US Bank NA Tr More Info
November 09, 2017North Adams, MA101 Brooklyn St$24,50024 Realty LLC Guzik, John More Info
May 27, 2015North Adams, MA101 Chenaille Ter$190,000Coniglio, Anthony S
Culnane, Jane P
Taskin NT
Towler, Michael
More Info
June 14, 2013North Adams, MA101 North St$95,000Boucher, Jonathan
Reynolds, Kristina
Burdick, Randy T
Burdick, Sarah M
More Info
August 08, 2017North Adams, MA101 Tremont St$150,000Bourassa, Dave Hawke, Thomas R
Hawke, Antoinette C
More Info
April 05, 2017North Adams, MA101-107 Main St$615,000Dowlin Building LLC Scarafoni Associates NT
Carver, David G
More Info
April 14, 2016North Adams, MA1010 State Rd$375,000Breard, Thierry Church Street Holdings More Info
April 12, 2016North Adams, MA102 Ashton Ave$94,500Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr Moore, Alan R
Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr
More Info
November 08, 2016North Adams, MA102 Ashton Ave$77,700Beyond Place LLC Wells Fargo Bank NA More Info
February 22, 2016North Adams, MA102 Brooklyn St$21,000Kline, Mark J USA HUD More Info
February 18, 2011North Adams, MA102 Francis St$41,000Andreatta, David R
Andreatta, Lauren
Oslizlo, Gerald P
Mirke, Marianne
More Info
March 16, 2017North Adams, MA102 Liberty St$150,000Oneil, Adam W
Peltier, Melissa M
Remilard FT
Remillard, Richard D
More Info
September 09, 2016North Adams, MA102 Prospect St$150,000Kelly, William E Blanchard, Lisa More Info
May 29, 2012North Adams, MA102 Walker St$115,000Wiles, David K Haggerty, Linda A
Haggerty, Michael J
More Info
July 20, 2011North Adams, MA1027 Massachusetts Ave$113,500Lesure, Gail M Benedetti, Anne
Belanger, Mary J
More Info
September 24, 2015North Adams, MA1027 Massachusetts Ave$125,000Todd, Eric Lesure, Gail M More Info
September 08, 2011North Adams, MA103 Liberty St$60,000FHLM Weatherby, Michael
Bank Of America NA
More Info
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